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Products and Prices

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Products and Prices

For your kind attention please see the following overview on the commercial products of the FDRTools family, prices and conditions.

We recommend to first download a fully operationable trial version free of charge, to check, if the software meets your requirements and expectations.

For the handling of orders and payments we cooperate with the service provider share-it!, one of the leading service provider in this market. After your payment is acknowledged and confirmed by share-it! you will be send an email including information how to finalise your registration:

  • If you have ordered FDRTools Advanced you get an email from share-it! containing a license key file. Please enter this file in the Registration dialog of the software.
  • For the other products you get an email from us containing information on how to download the full version(s) of the software.

The following price information have been well considered but are however, not binding. Any offer and purchase is subject to price information and terms & conditions available from share-it!. Please note as well that all indicated prices include 19% VAT as regulated by german law. This applies to the countries of the European Union. For other countries the indicated prices may include different tax rates.

Irrespective the type, with every purchased license goes a free upgrade within a year from date of purchase!

Commercial Usage Company License
FDRTools Advanced 39 €
Company license: For commercial purposes the software may be installed on a single computer and used by different persons.
The purchase of a larger number of licenses is naturally possible. Please use the configuration options of share-it! when ordering.

Private Nonprofit Usage Personal License Family License
FDRTools Advanced 39 €
59 €
Personal license: For non-profit privat purposes, the software may be installed on two computers with possibly differing operating systems. The use is restricted to the license holder in person.
Family license: A familiy license includes a personal license for each family member, in total up to 5. In addition the policies and procedures for a personal license apply as well.

Educational Usage Personal License
FDRTools Advanced 19 €
This is a special offer to pupils and students. We would like to ask you to send us () per email a scanned copy of your identification document (e.g. Student ID).
Personal license: The software may be used by pupils and students for private purpose. The software may be installed on two computers with possibly differing operating systems. The use is restricted to the license holder in person.

FDRTools 2.7.0 released
02 Aug 2020
This release is essentially a technical update with improvements to the internal structure of the program. A few bugs were discovered and fixed.
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FDRTools 2.6.2 released
20 Mar 2012
This is a bugfix release (applies to OS X only).
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FDRTools 2.6.1 released
19 Mar 2012
This is a bugfix release.
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