Full Dynamic Range Compressor Plug-In
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FDRCompressor Plug-In

Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop ® CS2, CS3 and CS4. Used to compress the tonal value range of an image (tone mapping). This method has some valuable applications:
  • with RAW images and JPEG images:
    • Illumination of shadowy areas
    • Contrast enhancement
  • with HDR (High Dynamic Range) images:
    • Dynamic range compression
    • Visualisation for normal output media like monitor or print
    • Contrast and detail conservation

FDRCompressor Plug-In augments the Photoshop ® HDR conversion methods by an alternative powerful algorithm that yields quite natural acting results.

Essential features:
  • natural scene illumination
  • excellent contrast and details
  • does not cause artefacts
  • adjustable parameters: Dynamic Compression, Image Contrast, Gamma Curve, Color Saturation, Black level, White level
  • supported Modes: RGB images with 8, 16 and 32 bit depth
  • scriptable

  • FDRCompressor Plug-In can't produce HDR images. Creation of HDR images from several, differently exposed photos can be done with a Photoshop method.
  • As an alternative we offer the software FDRTools Advanced that is capable of producing HDR images in high quality and comprises the FDRCompressor algorithm for HDR conversion.

System requirements:
Photoshop: at least CS2
Operating system: at least Windows XP or OS X 10.5
Main memory: at least 512 MB
Processor: at least Pentium 4, PowerPC G4
FDRTools 2.7.0 released
02 Aug 2020
This release is essentially a technical update with improvements to the internal structure of the program. A few bugs were discovered and fixed.
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FDRTools 2.6.2 released
20 Mar 2012
This is a bugfix release (applies to OS X only).
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FDRTools 2.6.1 released
19 Mar 2012
This is a bugfix release.
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