Full Dynamic Range Compressor Plug-In
Copyright © 2005-2012 Andreas Schömann


FDRCompressor Plug-In

Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop ® CS2, CS3 and CS4. Used to compress the tonal value range of an image (tone mapping). This method has some valuable applications:
  • with RAW images and JPEG images:
    • Illumination of shadowy areas
    • Contrast enhancement
  • with HDR (High Dynamic Range) images:
    • Dynamic range compression
    • Visualisation for normal output media like monitor or print
    • Contrast and detail conservation

FDRCompressor Plug-In augments the Photoshop ® HDR conversion methods by an alternative powerful algorithm that yields quite natural acting results.

Essential features:
  • natural scene illumination
  • excellent contrast and details
  • does not cause artefacts
  • adjustable parameters: Dynamic Compression, Image Contrast, Gamma Curve, Color Saturation, Black level, White level
  • supported Modes: RGB images with 8, 16 and 32 bit depth
  • scriptable

  • FDRCompressor Plug-In can't produce HDR images. Creation of HDR images from several, differently exposed photos can be done with a Photoshop method.
  • As an alternative we offer the software FDRTools Advanced that is capable of producing HDR images in high quality and comprises the FDRCompressor algorithm for HDR conversion.

System requirements:
Photoshop: at least CS2
Operating system: at least Windows XP or OS X 10.5
Main memory: at least 512 MB
Processor: at least Pentium 4, PowerPC G4
FDRTools 2.6.2 released
20 Mar 2012
This is a bugfix release (applies to OS X only).
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FDRTools 2.6.1 released
19 Mar 2012
This is a bugfix release.
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FDRTools 2.6.0 released
13 Mar 2012
FDRTools Advanced is now also available as 64 bit version. It utilizes all the system memory and hence can process much larger images than was possible with the previous 32 bit versions.
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